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Corporate Wellness

"Healthy Employees are a long term investment"

We undertake diet seminars & Workshops for :

  • Clubs

  • Corporate Houses

  • Sports Academies

  • Personality Development Institutes

  • Schools & Collages

"Healthy employees is a long term investment" of the corporate and business houses. ​With a growing focus on leading healthier lifestyles corporate offices of all sizes & forms, whether small, medium, or large and whether in public or in the private sector, are becoming increasingly aware of the benefits of employing healthy staff and maintaining healthier, happier, and cheerful workplace. 

We conduct lectures, seminars, and workshops in the corporate sector on healthy lifestyles and weight management to help the employees lead a healthy life and thus become more productive for the organization.

Wellness sessions are in LECTURE formats - either online or through in-person classroom sessions.

All the classes are interactive with primary teaching tools being powerpoint presentations, group activities, discussions, Individual practice time, and demonstrations. 

Wellness Workshop Contents:

Wellness workshop programs combine lectures with important hands-on training are supported by Fitness trainer and Physiotherapist as need be.

  • Changing your  lifestyle unknowingly

  • Healthy exercise and healthy diet for everybody

  • Healthy snacks and breakfast and healthy eating away from home

  • Move your body exercise for the night weight

  • Women's health disorders and their diet

  • Different Tiffin concepts for children

  • Prevention of Heart Diseases, Diabetes, and Acid Peptic Disorders.

Wellness Program LECTURES Contents:

  • Basic nutrients and minerals food pyramid

  • Nutrition facts and fallacies

  • Making healthy choices

  • Weight management and lifestyle

  • Listening to your body's language and building your support network

  • Nutrition - shopping for food & understanding food label


Wellness Program Benefits:

  • Improved Health and balanced diets

  • Improved mental and emotional well being

  • Better team connect and connect with the corporate 'brand'

  • Improved productivity & performance at work

  • Happier and cheerful work environment.

  • Timely work breaks and meditation breaks for mindful working

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CorporateWellness Programs

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