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Weight Management

"Weight is just a number... But it needs to be managed!!!"

Consultations as well as seminars & workshops for : 

  • Weight gain /loss

  • Sustainable weight management programs

  • Weight management for Children & Teen

  • Weight management for 'to-be' bride & groom

  • Weight management for sports persons


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The science of weight loss:

Weight management is a science in itself but of course, not rocket science. It is an emotional journey bringing in physical changes and hence needs to be planned out well. It definitely is not about starving or punishing self for losing the weight or overeating for gaining the weight. 

There certainly is no shortcut to a healthy, fit, and attractive personality. It the weight loss does not happen in a scientific and planned way, the body tends to put it back on pretty quickly. Once you have achieved the desired weight along with health and fitness from within there is a certain pride in looking great and feeling good from within. Sustainable weight management thus plays a very important role. 

As a certified nutritionist, I am more concerned about your health & fitness and hence believe in healthy ways of weight management through nutritious food, exercises, water therapies, and happiness. I strongly discourage any crash diet or 'fad diet'

The best way is defining a diet plan as per an individual's - Age group, blood group, activity pattern, pH level, the functioning of vital organs, medical and family history. 

A belief of 'Health through fat loss and not weight loss' helps in long term maintenance of the right weight, the right health, and right nutrition levels & at the same time, you can enjoy delicious food with conscious awareness about quantities or portions. 

Obesity :

Obesity is a global problem and needs focused efforts to manage. There are pills, powder, meal replacements, surgery, and liposuction possibilities.  As a nutritionist, I recommend diet and exercise as the best & the natural option.  A calculated diet plan after carefully studying the body parameters like BCA, BMR, hyperthyroidism, hereditary factors along with the necessary support of physicians and authentic dietary supplements works the best and gives sustainable results.

Wellness sessions are in LECTURE formats - either online or through in-person classroom sessions.

All the classes are interactive with primary teaching tools being powerpoint presentations, group activities, discussions, Individual practice time, and demonstrations. 

With my years of experience as a nutritionist, a word of advice will be - "Rise, Eat wise. Healthy Food Makes Healthy You".

Consultations & Programs

Classes & Lessons

  • Classes for Students & interested people in nutrition & health

    1,000 Indian rupees
  • An excellent refresher for those Busy Corporate leaders & Employees

    1,000 Indian rupees
  • Shed Those Calories Off....

    1,000 Indian rupees

Glimpses Of Weight Management Achievers

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