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Keeping the weight off!!

Health is natural, ill health is unnatural so the secrete is to lose weight

Health is natural, ill health is unnatural so the secrete to losing weight and

This is something that you should never lose sight of is that the living body does not have to be prompted to attain a level of health that precludes being Overweight.

It only needs to be given the opportunity to do so.

There is norush...

You have been eating in a certain way for years-decades-your entire life.

It's not something you are going to turn around in a month or two.

Nor you should.

There are transition periods that are necessary.

Try to turn it around too quickly and you may find yourself frustrated and ready to give up together.

'The Distance is nothing, it is only the first step that is difficult, “says Mme Dudefand.

There seems to be quick-fix, I want-it right-now attitude in all things these day.

There is not a time,day or night,when you can't turn on the television and see an infomercial hawking the latest fad' breakthrough' for shedding weight.

The ads are prepared with testimonial from happy,satisfied customers explaining that.and of course,there are the obligatory before and after pictures,What you never see,however are the after pictures.The Ones that show how all the weight came back in 95per cen of the cases.

That's right :when there is dramatic,rapid weight loss achieved with drugs,meal replacement or deprivation, the weight, and then some,is put back on 95% of the time.

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