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Sports Nutrition [Individual]

Consultation For Sports persons, Athletes & fitness freaks

  • 1 hour
  • 1,800 Indian rupees
  • Online Or in-person sessions for Individuals & Sports Teams

Service Description

Nutrition for sports persons is of utmost important as it affects the performance. I, as ASports Nutrition consultant, advice them on all the correct aspects of nutrition, essential nutrients and balanced diet for specific sports, pre and post workout foods , diets to be taken by athletes and competitors , which supplements to be used for performance enhancement. Every sport needs a different body composition like fat percentage and muscle mass and different combination of protein, carbohydrates and minerals to increase performance. Not every sportsperson's body composition is the same. So, one specific diet is not suitable for all. We do the Body Composition Analysis(BCA) to check the fat percentage and muscle mass. We calculate the Basal Metabolic Rate(BMR) on this basis and diet plans are made scientifically according to the BMR by calculating the calories. Sports diet programs are much different from any other diet program and need a specialised attention as per individual' body type the sports being played and the tournaments / competitions / travel / resting period, supplement needs and most importantly, the sports persons mental, emotional health condition. In these diet plans, I recommend - Healthy exercises and diet plans as per the sports and its fitness needs - Food pyramids - Mental and emotional well being for facing the sports challenges - Be happy from within and be competitive but have a sports spirit Being a part of the 'nutritionist' panels on various sports academies and boards, I do understand the physical and mental health and well being challenges that the sports person go-through during resting periods, lack of performance or 'bad-patch' as they call it, hectic travel schedules, self imposed performance stresses. You need an expert to work with you to overcome the challenges and play your sports with full enthusiasm and full concentration. As always, it is a journey..... - Examination of the current body situation (Medical Reports & Health Parameters) - One to one consultation - Work on a plan of action - Regular follow-ups - Progress Tracking and a enthusiastic Sports Person In you... roaring to make records on the field......

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Red Apple Wellness Diet Center Red Apple Wellness Diets, Dharampeth, Nagpur, Maharashtra, India

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